image Grunge Free/GPL Template Release

Grunge, the Free GPL release, is the second free theme to take advantage of the Gantry Framework, and is outfitted with a sophisticated, artistic and professional design, on top of the highly functional core.

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Child Theme for Grunge WordPress Theme?

screenshot of Grunge Theme

Screen shot showing default appearance of Grunge Theme for WordPress

If one of the main objectives of having a child theme in WordPress is to protect custom CSS tweaks and mods from being overwritten by updates to the theme, then that logic doesn’t apply for Gantry’s Grunge theme for WordPress. The Grunge theme was no longer being developed as of June 2011, which is only fitting, since 2011 WordPress Themes are much more suited to using child themes, since the series is actively being developed and constantly being updated.

So for now, we’ll save child-theme development for other WordPress themes that are in active development. Nice try, though!

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Customising Community Builder

Use Firebug to see what the CSS rules are, and edit in your own custom stylesheet. Edit mod login . php in core, since CB apparently doesn’t support Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure at this time.

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Gantry FusionMenu Styling

I needed to style one individual item with its’ own CSS rules to distinguish it from the rest of the main menu items, so I figured out how to do it with this bit of code:

.item220 span {
    color:silver !important

How does it work? First, locate the single menu item that needs to be styled. In this case, it was .item220 as revealed by using the Firebug add-on for the Firefox browser. Then just add the CSS rule, in this case its the color style for the element.
Phoca Gallery Slideshow Plugin – displays slideshow of images from selected Phoca Gallery category
{pgslideshow id=…|width=…|height=…|delay=…|image=…|pgslink=…}
Image: O – original, L – large, M – medium, S – small
{pgslideshow id=1|width=100|height=100|delay=3000|image=M}

And, as a reminder, we used this bit of code as a substitute for loadposition in content:

Where ‘realEstate’ is the name of a template or module position.

But now we’re moving to a couple of additional plugins:
Phoca Gallery Plugin (which needs),
Phoca Gallery Slideshow Plugin



We provide AdobeĀ® Fireworks PNG image sources with every theme, inclusive of a separate source for the logo. This allows for virtually complete customization control over the images that constitute the theme..

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The theme has 68 collapsible positions, allowing for a multitude of many different layout options.

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If the Dodgers and the Lakers had NFL Season Tickets for Staples Center, and the NOKIA Theatre had Justin Bieber and The Edge told Sting, that Bono and Chaz sat with Commissioner Stern, after Hugo bought dinner for Kim and Condy, then would this template be consider customised?

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