image Grunge Free/GPL Template Release

Grunge, the Free GPL release, is the second free theme to take advantage of the Gantry Framework, and is outfitted with a sophisticated, artistic and professional design, on top of the highly functional core.

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Joomla!15 Grunge WP

Grunge Template in Joomla! 1.5

Yes, another Grunge template in Joomla! 1.5, running WordPress Joomla component.

If things weren’t confusing enough already, then this should do it. Here is an installation of Rockettheme’s Grunge Template in a Joomla! 1.5 install, but with WordPress for Joomla running inside it!!! Go figure; or don’t, for now, but it actually helps to see this in writing, since the funny farm, at least for some of us, is only a block away.

Grunge for Drupal

The Grunge Themes for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 were dropped along with the entire selection of Drupal themes and Rocketthemes began referring visitors to ThemeBrain.  That’s where I’d head over to if I were you.  Wait–that’s not right; it was JDT3 that stopped Drupal development, and passed that torch along to ThemeBrain.   At any rate, thankfully (or perhaps, not…), I was able to snag downloads of the Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 Grunge Rocketlaunchers before they saw their demise at RT.   Same (ditto) goes for Rockettheme’s Quasar for Drupal 6/7 Theme.  Too many issues with Drupal development, I suppose but interesting to follow the overlaps and differences among CMS’ and some common themes among them.  So the blog posts/page doesn’t get too too ‘Grungy’, let’s just post a nice screenshot of a Drupal Quasar theme. [They have Quasar for Magento as well, which is a good thing; or, not.]

But that leads back to Joomla (Quasar), as well, just to make the circle complete.

Grunge for Joomla!

Grunge Template for Joomla!

Grunge Template for Joomla!

Yes, the screenshots do look nearly identical.  But one Rockettheme template is for WordPress, and the other for Joomla 1.5/2.5.  The Joomla! versions are still being actively maintained as of late 2012 (which is a good thing), and get this: There is a Rocketlauncher available for both versions!!! Keeping up with which version of what comes in a Rocketlauncher can be a bit tricky, but merits paying extreme close attention so as to be able to differentiate between some of the finer, but otherwise obscure points, of any of these given configurations.



We provide Adobe® Fireworks PNG image sources with every theme, inclusive of a separate source for the logo. This allows for virtually complete customization control over the images that constitute the theme..

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The theme has 68 collapsible positions, allowing for a multitude of many different layout options.

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If the Dodgers and the Lakers had NFL Season Tickets for Staples Center, and the NOKIA Theatre had Justin Bieber and The Edge told Sting, that Bono and Chaz sat with Commissioner Stern, after Hugo bought dinner for Kim and Condy, then would this template be consider customised?

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